Samsung Knox Enrollment


Before configuring Samsung Knox:

  • You will need to request access to Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment and purchase devices from an authorized Samsung device reseller.

Before you can enroll devices into Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment:

  • You need to create a profile to meet your specific device enrollment requirements.

Create a new profile

  1. Go to the Samsung Knox portal, sign in and click Knox Mobile Enrollment console.
  2. Click MDM Profiles in the navigation menu.
  3. Click Create Profile.

Device owner profile detail

  1. Select Device Owner as the profile type.
  2. Enter a profile name and optional description.
  3. For Pick your MDM, select Other.
  4. For MDM agent APK, enter the following text:
  5. Click Continue.

Device owner profile settings

  1. For MDM Configuration, enter the text below: { "subdomain": "demo-realm", "region": "" }
  2. Select Leave all system apps enabled in the Device Settings section.
  3. Click Save.

For more detailed instructions, visit the Samsung Knox Profile configuration documentation.