Integrate with KACE Systems Management Appliance

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NOTE: Our KACE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) product lets companies using both KACE Cloud and KACE KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) take advantage of a modern management approach to their Windows and macOS devices. The product provides license reconciliation to avoid double counting co-managed nodes for Windows and macOS devices and enables your KACE SMA to correctly interpret inventory imported from KACE Cloud. For more information, see the KACE Unified Endpoint Manager documentation.

To configure the integration between KACE Cloud and KACE SMA:

  1. Open both products side by side.

  2. In KACE SMA Administrator Console:
    1. In left navigation, click Inventory > Discovery Schedules.
    2. Under Choose Action, select New.
    3. For Discovery Type, select External Integration.
    4. Name the Discovery Schedule.
    5. Select the KACE Cloud option.

      Next, the device admin must retrieve two pieces of information from KACE Cloud: The Tenant Name and Secret Key.

  3. In KACE Cloud:
    1. Select the Settings tab in top navigation.
    2. Choose KACE SMA (K1000) in the left-hand navigation.
    3. Copy the Tenant Name and paste in the correct field back in K1000 (shown below).

      Your Tenant Name is the prefix of your URL.

  4. In KACE SMA:
    1. Below the Tenant Name field in K1000, locate the Credentials field.
    2. Click Select Credential > Add Credential.

  5. To locate Secret Key in KACE Cloud:
    1. In KACE Cloud, select the Settings tab in top navigation.
    2. Choose KACE SMA (K1000) in left navigation.
    3. Copy the Secret Key and paste in the correct field back in K1000 (shown above).
    4. Click Save.
  6. In KACE SMA, before saving the Discovery Schedule itself, remember to check Auto Provision Devices. This will ensure that all devices are viewable under the Devices section in inventory.

  7. To run the new schedule in KACE SMA:
    1. In KACE SMA, in the Discovery Schedules view, select the new schedule.
    2. Click Choose Action > Run.

      When the run completes, you’ll see the number of nodes that were discovered. To see a list of all devices in the new schedule, open Discovery Results.

For complete information about the KACE Systems Management Appliance, see the KACE SMA Administrator Guide in your on-premises product.