Managing restrictions

Restriction management allows an admin to enable and disable settings that affect device functionality, security and privacy, internet, media, and more. Restriction sets are created in the library and can be applied to single or multiple devices.

In the restrictions library, an admin can add a new Android-, iOS-, or macOS-specific restriction set; edit or remove a restriction set; or view all devices with a specific restriction set applied.

Restriction Sets Library view:

In the devices section, an admin can choose a single device or multiple devices, then in the right-panel Restrictions tab, view all restriction sets currently applied to the device(s); view effective restrictions only; remove a restriction set, or view details for a single restriction set.

Restriction Sets Devices view:

The Allow use of camera restriction can be changed in the Android device restrictions section within the portal. However, even if an admin chooses not to allow the use of camera on a work profile, an end user can still access the camera on the device using a personal profile.

NOTE: Android restrictions that are configured to deploy upon enrollment may not immediately appear in the inventory for impacted devices; however, the restrictions will be enforced on the device.